I’ve been accepted to University of Sussex! For those of you who don’t know, Brighton is in the county of Sussex, so that basically means that I’ve got an offer (conditional, of course) to  local university! 

I once replied to Sarah’s post, saying something like ‘Oh it’s okay if what you do now might not be what you do in the future, because what you do do now will lead you to your future’. An abstract concept, if you like, and a hell lot easier to say than to live through it (sorry Sarah). Lately, I look at something Shakespeare wrote and just think, ‘Again?’ Or I try to read some prose and all I want to do is chuck it out of my sight. Or I come across some seemingly thought-provoking modern literature like A Thousand Splendid Suns and I’d decide it’s monotonous before getting through two pages. 

And guess what? I’ve just signed up to do English Literature for another 3 years of my life. 

Oh golly.

If there’s any good that’s come out of taking Eng Lit at college is that I’ve learnt to enjoy poetry a lot more. But what happens when I get sick of ‘discovering’ another ‘great’ poem that simply says, in a different way, what I already know? What happens when I get bored trying to learn life’s lessons through a string of words and the hollowness of language? 

Here’s a conversation I recently had with a teacher –
Him: Unembellished love. What do you mean by unembellished love?
Me: Something like, pure love. You know, without being accessorized.
Him: Why don’t you just say pure love? ‘… but for all the thought-provoking themes it relays …’ Hmph. Relays. Why not conveys?

Who cares about the difference between ‘pure’ or ‘unembellished’ or ‘true’ or ‘pristine’ or ‘immaculate’ or ‘simple’ or ‘authentic’? Will I now be picking words out from modern fiction, trying to dissect every word? Am I going to be one of those critics who pick up modern fiction and trash those who ornament their work with words? Oh, let’s all just pick up a Jodi Picoult and exclaim ‘Ah there, you see, she’s using words she picked up from a thesaurus’!

If Literature is supposed to mean something, it’d better show itself soon. Patience ain’t this girl’s virtue.