So here are pictures from the Easter trip to Europe and in UK with my aunt (Sanyi) and cousin (Pei)! In chronological order …


The shopping area … Loads more choices than in Brighton, and lots of walking involved.

In an Italian restaurant. Nice pose, Sanyi =P

The cute Italian waiter took this picture for us … smile, ladies! (and gentleman)


First view of Prague!

On Charles Bridge. Pretty majestic, if you ask me.

Soldiers marching in Prague Castle.

Musician? Sort of. He was playing some piano-ish instrument thingy (goes to show my limited vocab after over a decade of music lessons)

Swan Lake about to start! Though the ballet show wasn’t as good as expected. But Les Miserables made up for it in London! 

On the train from Prague (Czech Republic) to Budapest (Hungary).


Crazy Pei =)

Posing at Kempinski Hotel because we can’t afford it. Mind you, this is near the toilet. Not that it hindered cam-whoring.

Okayyy… I swear I remember what this bridge is called *cracks brain thinking*

On the boat trip with Pei! 

Night scene in Budapest. 


Somewhere in London (so not helpful, I know!)

In Portobello Market, and dang, have they got good stuff!

Bicester Village, a renowned shopping place for branded stuff sold at retail price, and where Sanyi and Pei enjoyed themselves very much. Should’ve taken a picture of the number of bags they were carrying after 3 hours. Plus, I got a Fred Perry winter coat! How much it costs – well, it makes me dizzy too.

Hyde Park …

Sanyi and Pei talking on the phone (and refusing to walk the rest of Hyde Park), haha.

And the final picture … Maybe the grass is greener, and the sky bluer, on the other side of the world.

So there you have it. I’ve been terrible at updating, but I have my reasons. I’ll post the link to the Bellerbys website when I get to post on it as a graduate student. 

Toodles, lovelies.