New Experiences

God, it sounds so epic, doesn’t it? The Move. But the point is, I’m moving today! To my new homestay along Howard Road, which is a far cry (literally and figuratively, and without ill-intentioned comparison) from Dyke Road Avenue here. Which also means that I ain’t gonna have access to internet until it’s all set up.

Threw lots of stuff away (you wouldn’t believe the amount of nonsense I’ve accumulated) and I’ll post some pictures later of the old and new place. 

At least today’s weather is loads better than yesterday’s. Yesterday’s was rainy, windy, gloomy and cold. Today’s got sunny intervals 🙂

PS: We (Ayne and I) ran a marathon last weekend for Cancer Research! 5km only la, but still … 🙂


If you’re reading this, there’s a big chance you’re one of those who know that I’ve been working on my History coursework for ages (in addition to Literature, but that’s for another post). And I am proud to hereby ask for your ‘Congratulations’! Yours truly has finally sent in the assignment.

This was the coursework task: ‘Within the context of 1898 to 2007, how far has China’s history contributed to its potential as a future superpower?’ 

Was I an idiot to choose this title? Very much. Not least because China’s history is so – well – much, even more so over the span of the recent last century. And even after proofreading the end product, there was only a single-sentence mention of both World Wars I and II. I admit, the amount of resources on China was overwhelming, though thank God there was information (of which I got off the school library, the Jubilee library, Waterstone’s bookstore, Amazon books, Googlebooks, as well as statistical information from the Internet – I’m listing them just so I impress my future self).

For the most part, the writing of the essay itself wasn’t fun, and I had to constantly change my writing plan depending on how it suited the essay and as different historical events came into light. Points were shifted back and forth, the essay structure changed again and again, and the language was edited every time the structure/points changed or when the essay was extended. And because this was my first History assignment for the Exam Board, I had no idea which tack to use for approaching a 3000-word essay. In the end, the research was done simultaneously as the essay was being written, but it definitely helped that I had watched documentaries and short video clips, and read a handful of background information when beginning to tackle the coursework. 

Intense? You bet. Especially because I wanted to make it a perfect essay, and because I found so many interesting (but utterly irrelevant) pieces of information. This sense of accomplishment, however, is incomparable.

I always sort of tuck my writing work away, keep them like keepsakes, and they never fail to remind me of what I can do. Just so you know, this one’s going on top of the pile.

So here are pictures from the Easter trip to Europe and in UK with my aunt (Sanyi) and cousin (Pei)! In chronological order …


The shopping area … Loads more choices than in Brighton, and lots of walking involved.

In an Italian restaurant. Nice pose, Sanyi =P

The cute Italian waiter took this picture for us … smile, ladies! (and gentleman)


First view of Prague!

On Charles Bridge. Pretty majestic, if you ask me.

Soldiers marching in Prague Castle.

Musician? Sort of. He was playing some piano-ish instrument thingy (goes to show my limited vocab after over a decade of music lessons)

Swan Lake about to start! Though the ballet show wasn’t as good as expected. But Les Miserables made up for it in London! 

On the train from Prague (Czech Republic) to Budapest (Hungary).


Crazy Pei =)

Posing at Kempinski Hotel because we can’t afford it. Mind you, this is near the toilet. Not that it hindered cam-whoring.

Okayyy… I swear I remember what this bridge is called *cracks brain thinking*

On the boat trip with Pei! 

Night scene in Budapest. 


Somewhere in London (so not helpful, I know!)

In Portobello Market, and dang, have they got good stuff!

Bicester Village, a renowned shopping place for branded stuff sold at retail price, and where Sanyi and Pei enjoyed themselves very much. Should’ve taken a picture of the number of bags they were carrying after 3 hours. Plus, I got a Fred Perry winter coat! How much it costs – well, it makes me dizzy too.

Hyde Park …

Sanyi and Pei talking on the phone (and refusing to walk the rest of Hyde Park), haha.

And the final picture … Maybe the grass is greener, and the sky bluer, on the other side of the world.

So there you have it. I’ve been terrible at updating, but I have my reasons. I’ll post the link to the Bellerbys website when I get to post on it as a graduate student. 

Toodles, lovelies.

I’ve been accepted to University of Sussex! For those of you who don’t know, Brighton is in the county of Sussex, so that basically means that I’ve got an offer (conditional, of course) to  local university! 

I once replied to Sarah’s post, saying something like ‘Oh it’s okay if what you do now might not be what you do in the future, because what you do do now will lead you to your future’. An abstract concept, if you like, and a hell lot easier to say than to live through it (sorry Sarah). Lately, I look at something Shakespeare wrote and just think, ‘Again?’ Or I try to read some prose and all I want to do is chuck it out of my sight. Or I come across some seemingly thought-provoking modern literature like A Thousand Splendid Suns and I’d decide it’s monotonous before getting through two pages. 

And guess what? I’ve just signed up to do English Literature for another 3 years of my life. 

Oh golly.

If there’s any good that’s come out of taking Eng Lit at college is that I’ve learnt to enjoy poetry a lot more. But what happens when I get sick of ‘discovering’ another ‘great’ poem that simply says, in a different way, what I already know? What happens when I get bored trying to learn life’s lessons through a string of words and the hollowness of language? 

Here’s a conversation I recently had with a teacher –
Him: Unembellished love. What do you mean by unembellished love?
Me: Something like, pure love. You know, without being accessorized.
Him: Why don’t you just say pure love? ‘… but for all the thought-provoking themes it relays …’ Hmph. Relays. Why not conveys?

Who cares about the difference between ‘pure’ or ‘unembellished’ or ‘true’ or ‘pristine’ or ‘immaculate’ or ‘simple’ or ‘authentic’? Will I now be picking words out from modern fiction, trying to dissect every word? Am I going to be one of those critics who pick up modern fiction and trash those who ornament their work with words? Oh, let’s all just pick up a Jodi Picoult and exclaim ‘Ah there, you see, she’s using words she picked up from a thesaurus’!

If Literature is supposed to mean something, it’d better show itself soon. Patience ain’t this girl’s virtue.

I thought the Coffee Bean guy was really nice, helping me with a username and all. And I see Sarah here! Nice, though odd, coz we’re supposed to meet up later, not now, and me lah… clever clever, pergi Coffee Bean. 

Now that I’m back in Malaysia for a whole week, it does feel quite nice to be home. Work is good too, because the people there are very happy to show me the ropes, and I get to meet people who are not just my age. So… back in Malaysia – hello high ceilings and tall green trees (but terrible haze). Goodbye cottage-like houses and cute rose shrubs (but dirty room). Guess there’s good and bad everywhere. =P

You know what? I had a whole list of things I wanted to post about, but now that I’m actually online, there’s nothing much that I remember. Brilliant, isn’t it? 

Ah well.

Tabby – I take it you like Aus better. =P

TJ – Yes, it is. But it’s not polished or edited yet, so… LoL.

Denise – I actually missed your nonsense. Hope you’re having fun being Deputy Head. =)

Thought it’d be cool if I listed out the tricks on mac. Add your own to top it up! =P

1. There’s a switcher on mac. Just press ‘command’ and ‘apple’ key simultaneously.

2. To allow for easier application access, drag the application folder into the Dock. 

3. If you come across any word online that you want to refer, just highlight it and right click, then press ‘Look up Dictionary’.

4. To remove applications from the Dock, just press ‘Control’ while clicking, then select ‘Remove from Dock’.

5. To search for anything: Select the little blue search button on the top right of the desktop and type in file/program name.

6. If you select ‘Alt’ key while typing, you’ll get an odd collection of letters. If you select ‘Alt’+’Shift’, you get even rare letters (i.e. ‘Alt+Shift+K’ gives you an apple shape).

7. If you hold down the ‘Shift’ key and minimize a window, the window will minimize in slow motion. It works for both minimizing and maximizing. 

8. To remember a piece of text, you can insert a ‘Sticky’ by selecting ‘Apple+Shift+Y’. Useful if you need snippets from the internet. 

9. To view your screen in negative, select ‘Control+Alt+Apple+8’. 

To Tabby: I don’t think you know what I’m talking about. It’s nothing to do with, ahem, you know what. =P

To TJ: Yes, indeed. Sleep I need.

Okay, I’ve got 4 worksheets left to complete for psychology. 3 of them is just having to finish off some last bits and pieces, but there’s one which is fully due next Tuesday. Literature mock exams are continuous for three days (Wed, Thurs, Fri), Maths mocks next Friday, Psychology mocks tomorrow, History mocks on Monday. Hm. 

Not half bad, I guess. At least it’s not all in one day. 

But that just means I’ll have to study more. 

Oh, did I mention? I went to watch ‘Seventeen Again’ with Shu Yee yesterday, starring Zac Efron. I didn’t expect much from the movie, so I came out of the cinema feeling satisfied. LoL. We had a Ben & Jerry’s Cheesecake Chocolate Chip ice cream for the movie, and some gummi bears from WHSmith. And then… *drumroll*… We went to feast on Malaysian food! At this restaurant called ‘Me Old China’. Shu Yee had laksa, and I had Char Ho Fun. 

I really really really miss Penang Laksa. And Char Ho Fun. And Popiah. 


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