So I promised to upload pictures but I left my card reader in the suitcase which has been all tucked away! Sorry, lovelies. Pictures are gonna have to wait it out. 

That said, I got the prize for Best A2 Humanities Student! Yay! And the prize is a $25 for WHSmith, which I suppose I’ll use for next year’s stationary 🙂

Laughed when I saw this quote: ‘Be careful about reading health books.  You may die of a misprint.’ Seriously now, Mark Twain has the best quotes.


Best quotes! 

‘He had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not know that it was already behind him, somewhere back in that vast obscurity beyond the city, where the dark fields of the republic rolled on under the night.’

‘Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter – tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further … And one fine morning – / So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.’

‘If that was true he must have felt that he had lost the old warm world, paid a high price for living too long with a single dream. He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is and how raw the sunlight was upon the scarcely created grass. A new world, material without being real, where poor ghosts, breathing dreams like air, drifted fortuitously about … ‘

‘We were always thanking him for that – I and the others. / “Good-bye,” I called. “I enjoyed breakfast, Gatsby.”‘

‘… and Gatsby was overwhelmingly aware of the youth and mystery that wealth imprisons and preserves, of the freshness of many clothes, and of Daisy, gleaming like a silver, safe and proud above the hot struggles of the poor.’

‘Thirty – the promise of a decade of loneliness, a thinning list of single men to know, a thinning brief-case of enthusiasm, thinning hair. But there was Jordan beside me, who, unlike Daisy, was too wise ever to carry well-forgotten dreams from age to age.’

‘”It’s full of – ” I hesitated. / “Her voice is full of money,” he said suddenly.’

‘”What’ll we do with ourselves this afternoon?” cried Daisy, “and the day after that, and the next thirty years?”‘

‘ [Jordan] … I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.’

‘Gatsby – who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn. If personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life, as if he were related to one of those intricate machines that register earthquakes ten thousand miles away.’

‘He put his hands in his coat pockets and turned back eagerly to his scrutiny of the house, as though my presence marred the sacredness of his vigil. So I walked away and left him standing there in the moonlight – watching over nothing.’

Things to do:

1. Work – well, duh… LoL

2. Scan all my family’s old pictures so that I have a digital copy of them.

3. Get a driving license.

4. Go shopping with Jo (I’ll drag her along anyway).

5. Spend time with – of course – my lovely friends! And family, too. 

6. Plan a farewell for Cousins Pei Hwa and Pei Wen? 

7. Take Jo to her piano exam thing.

8. Shop for cheap clothes, ’cause everything here is pricey.

9. Draft out the coursework for Literature (which includes A LOT of reading).

10. Write! Finish Part III at least.

11. Play the guitar + piano.

12. Buy ‘The Pact’ paperback version.

Note to self:

Stop living in the past; stop planning the future – please just capture the bloody present.

Thought it’d be cool if I listed out the tricks on mac. Add your own to top it up! =P

1. There’s a switcher on mac. Just press ‘command’ and ‘apple’ key simultaneously.

2. To allow for easier application access, drag the application folder into the Dock. 

3. If you come across any word online that you want to refer, just highlight it and right click, then press ‘Look up Dictionary’.

4. To remove applications from the Dock, just press ‘Control’ while clicking, then select ‘Remove from Dock’.

5. To search for anything: Select the little blue search button on the top right of the desktop and type in file/program name.

6. If you select ‘Alt’ key while typing, you’ll get an odd collection of letters. If you select ‘Alt’+’Shift’, you get even rare letters (i.e. ‘Alt+Shift+K’ gives you an apple shape).

7. If you hold down the ‘Shift’ key and minimize a window, the window will minimize in slow motion. It works for both minimizing and maximizing. 

8. To remember a piece of text, you can insert a ‘Sticky’ by selecting ‘Apple+Shift+Y’. Useful if you need snippets from the internet. 

9. To view your screen in negative, select ‘Control+Alt+Apple+8’. 

To Tabby: I don’t think you know what I’m talking about. It’s nothing to do with, ahem, you know what. =P

To TJ: Yes, indeed. Sleep I need.

Vivian – Hahaha. Actually I just needed to keep in touch with my Mandarin, so it isn’t a story or anything.

Krystle – Ah sweetie. It’s not time for you to look at anyone’s rant. See that book over there? It’s calling your name. =P

Mun Yee – You lah baboon. I thought you need to learn Mandarin also right? 

Kah Ying – 谢谢你的关心。其实, 我也没怎么了,只是有些时候不大觉得像自己。 我还是写个电子信函给你吧!

Hooi Ping – 1 out of 10? Half Banana? More like Complete Banana! XD

TJ – When boredom hits you, try it yourself. It’s not half bad.

Gitz – You ah… *roars with laughter* … If I were reading Sindi words, I would also be seeing patterns wei…

Saras – Maybe the dress is transparent… Who knows? It’s a book cover, dear =P

Vennila – Nope, didn’t visit Churchill’s Chapel… What’s the story? LoL

Sarah – Well, I hope that my comment on ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’ is still worthwhile. I think it’s quite nice, and yes, it’s worth the money, but you see first yeah. You know lah, me and you, our tastes in books are sometimes on the same length (i.e. Jodi Picoult) and sometimes clashing (i.e. The Book Thief). Haha.

Tabby – I won’t really get in trouble lah, for putting up a kid’s picture. *pause* Right?

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