Just thought I’d update my blog with pictures! LoL. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

Hm, now you come to think of it – it’s unfair. I mean, words have power too. XD

Rambutans that the neighbours gave. LoL. How sweet of them.

Pretty lights. =)

The dessert that Carol and I ordered at Ananda Bahwan. Service was really good, and this is a kind of gulab jamun plus ice-cream plus fruit salad.

This is … er… onion dosai, I think. LoL. It was good too.

Oooh! Yes, I ordered this one. Called Chicken Tikki, supposed to be boneless chicken and onions, though I felt that it tasted exactly like Tandoori. Still, you can’t deny good food.

Isn’t the couch cute? LoL. Mum and dad got it.

Banana leaf rice – Carol ordered this. Quite nice.

I was tempted to go to Deli France yesterday at Paradise, but since we didn’t exactly bring enough money, we decided to go Ananda Bahwan, and as great as the food is there, I do NOT want to go there again.

It’s time for new tastes.



I fell asleep at like, 7 or 8, yesterday, so it’s no wonder that I managed to rush through all of my homework and pass it up in time, though I have a feeling that I haven’t exactly completed my Add Maths. Ah well, it’s handed in already.

My sis won the public speaking and impromptu competition in school! LoL. It’s pretty cool, though I heard that Marissa (her friend) was a worthy competition. Anyway, good job, you!

Kitt – Food is the pleasure of life. No harm in that. XD

TJ – Please… reintroduce your chatbox or something. Or at least make it anonymous to comment on your blog. I’m so lazy to sign in first lah.

Even though I thought today was going to be crazy, I’m actually really glad that I went to school. And I got good news when I came home today! Really unexpected, but really good. XD

Had another round of prefectorial interview. Since it’s against principles to reveal anything, I shall zip my mouth right now. Tight.

Maybe I’ll update this later.

There are a few topics I’d like to discuss here today.

#1: The vote of no confidence against Pak Lah. Done by the SAPP. I won’t pretend that I know much about politics, but it’s ironic the way SAPP seems to go against its own party. This is interesting, although disturbing.

#2: I’d like to officially state Patrick Dempsey as amazing, wonderful and splendid! He’s awesome! He was so good in the show ‘Made of honour’ – and so cute! Haha. The lady was real pretty too, except I don’t really know her name.

#3: I salute Idris Jala as one of the greatest people around. For those of you who don’t know, he is the hero who turned around Malaysia Airlines – turning MAS from a feared loss to a profit-making machine. Before MAS, he was under Shell, to which he also contribute a tremendous lot. These are the truly wonderful people around. Sometimes, it’s really weird, because there was once upon a time when I actually envisioned myself to be amongst the top rank – among the people who could single-handedly change the course of history. Seems bloody arrogant, but it was part of my wishlist. Now, I still want to change the world, but I see so many different options that it’s hard to just choose if I want to become a corporate businesswoman or an employee under Star newspaper. Or even a politician, for that matter. *gasp!*

#4: Do you think Kate Middleton will marry Prince William? I’d like to think so, but somehow, there is this little doubt in me that it’s going to take a lot more than a ring and a velvet case. There are rumours that the prince is going to propose during Christmas, and that their wedding should be sometime next year. I like Kate Middleton – she has the poise, the elegance, the look – but personally, I think she should also have a high-flying career, not just waiting for the proposal (assuming that the rumours are true).

#5: Designer babies. This is getting to be quite an issue nowadays – a controversial one, for that matter. There is the religious who believe that babies are gifts from the Lord, and that to create the exact baby that you want before giving him/her life is just wrong. On the other hand, what is wrong with a couple who want a healthy baby – with a pair of hands, a pair of feet, good eyesight and clear skin? What is wrong with wanting the best possible life for a baby not yet born? What is wrong for wanting a baby to be normal and possibly free from birth defects?

#6: Benazir Bhutto. Apparently, the Pakistanese are naming an airport after her. She was a great person and a great leader. I don’t know much about her, so I’ll google later.

#7: There’s no latest report on Obama’s decision on whether Clinton should be his running mate. We’re still waiting. Meanwhile, the battle between Obama and Clinton for the White House has begun – you can watch it on CNN. Both excellent speakers.

Right. Guess that’s about all for today. Quite a lot for a single morning. XD

1. My watch

2. My handphone

3. My notebook

4. My new blue g’soft pen

5. This black sequinned blouse I’m wearing

6. Something I wrote

7. Tiffy, Tinky, Tonks, Teddy (latest pendrive – LoL)

8. Mandy – yes, it’s my camera

9. My writing (I’m serious lah)

10. Mango/Prunes/Yoghurt/Chicken soup (can’t decide)

Ta-dah! My favourite things. Did some Add Maths, Bio and Literature Drama. I really need to write a chinese essay – it’s about the only thing that can save my mandarin from total disaster.

Guess what? I just found out that I have 3 Chemistry sets of model papers – all untouched.

I think I left my handphone in the car. Hm.


I’ll just get it tomorrow.

Today is the last day for Baskie tuitions – the intensive thing, I mean. Haven’t done anything today. Gah.

Just a few things I thought I’d mention:

Petrol prices have increased to an all-new high. That’s about the worst of the news, I guess. Electricity prices have gone up too, but if you use below 200kW, worry not. Hm, I wonder how much we use? Either way, Mum has gone about 6 times like, ‘If you got nothing to buy then don’t buy lah. Got food to eat, got bed to sleep, can already.’ She has a point, of course. LoL.

Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination, meaning that Hilary Clinton is out of the picture. To this, I don’t really know what to say. I supported Clinton, but Obama wouldn’t be too bad if he does bring change to their country. Between the two, it’s a battle of experience against the promise of change – and apparently, change won. Clinton is open to vice presidential nomination, but that is, in essence, Obama’s decision. (I think he should though – he needs support from Clinton’s delegates, and he gets some help from the Clinton pair in running the country)

As for John McCain – I have nothing to say. I mean, he’s 71! – *Note: I didn’t say nothing.

Tabby – How’re things at Edith Cowan anyway? A Levels there right? XD

1. I’m studying Chem. Again.

2. I’m contemplating to call my camera ‘Mandy’. Tribute to the awesome Mandy Moore.

3. I *just* found out that my phone can do the calender and schedule thing. Heh.

4. Current fav sub: English.

5. Current fav dried fruit: Prunes.

6. Current fav book: Further Under the Duvet.

7. Current fav writer: Jodi Piccoult

8. Current obsession: Camera!

9. I set the paper for RC’s camp for this hols.

10. Gitz and I are emcees for Teachers’ Day.


1. English – As long as the teacher doesn’t think that I veered off topic and there are no grammatical errors (didn’t check in time), I’m safe.

2. BM – Novel part *gone*. Don’t ask.

3. Chinese – Why do I bother?

4. Bio – So-so.

5. Chem – So far… NOT good.

6. Physics – I actually like this sub. If I do okay tomorrow, I must just manage to unscrew one subject. XD

7. Add Maths – Averagelah.

8. Maths – Not as well as I could have done.

9. Sej – If I play my cards right tomorrow, I might just do some good.

10. Moral – Screw it!

11. EST – Not too bad.

Hm. This is interesting. Looks like I only have hope for English, Physics, Sej and EST.


That’s what the clock says. Gitz dropped me home. Funny how much less time it actually takes to travel from school now that I’ve moved. =P

Moral was so bad that I could have chewed my own head off. Except that, you know, I wouldn’t. Because that’s something only a retard would do. Which ONLY refers to me when I’m doing something really barbaric/baboonic.

Barbarian. Hmm. New ‘B’ word. XD. An excellent variation to ‘baboon’.

Has anyone ever watched Dave the Barbarian? Well, if you’re nodding, you must either be a younger-than-five kid, or someone about as old as Alyssa (who, in doll’s years, in roughly 89). Or, hold up, did I change her name to Melanie or something? Ah well. I’ve changed her name too many times, the poor dear.

Since I’m bored and I have no intention of studying chem until I’ve actually washed up and slept for three good, solid hours, I shall reveal 10 interesting facts about yours truly (oi sheh, promoting myself):

1. I have a rabbit plush toy, which is roughly a young kid’s size, called Mr Rabbit.

2. I have a brown plush puppy called – surprise, surprise – Brownie.

3. I have a Koala bear from Australia called ‘From’.

4. I have a kangaroo from Australia called ‘Australia’.

5. I have a rag doll (an excellent one, mind you – she’s been with me since I was five, though as I said, in doll’s years, she’s 89) named … er … erm… uh … never mind.

6. My plush toys used to be my audience whenever I was practising a speech or just singing (out of tune)

7. I stare at my curtain when I’m bored – if anyone else does this, let me know! I’d love to share views on the fabric of curtains and how they’re sewed! I know what you mean! All those mean ceiling-staring people won’t understand how we curtain-starers feel!

8. I’m bored.

9. I’m beginning to sound like Kitt.

10. I’m finally coming to the end of this stupid list that I stupidly decided to stupidly start.


Additional: #11. I hope no teacher ever reads blogs.