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So here are pictures from the Easter trip to Europe and in UK with my aunt (Sanyi) and cousin (Pei)! In chronological order …


The shopping area … Loads more choices than in Brighton, and lots of walking involved.

In an Italian restaurant. Nice pose, Sanyi =P

The cute Italian waiter took this picture for us … smile, ladies! (and gentleman)


First view of Prague!

On Charles Bridge. Pretty majestic, if you ask me.

Soldiers marching in Prague Castle.

Musician? Sort of. He was playing some piano-ish instrument thingy (goes to show my limited vocab after over a decade of music lessons)

Swan Lake about to start! Though the ballet show wasn’t as good as expected. But Les Miserables made up for it in London! 

On the train from Prague (Czech Republic) to Budapest (Hungary).


Crazy Pei =)

Posing at Kempinski Hotel because we can’t afford it. Mind you, this is near the toilet. Not that it hindered cam-whoring.

Okayyy… I swear I remember what this bridge is called *cracks brain thinking*

On the boat trip with Pei! 

Night scene in Budapest. 


Somewhere in London (so not helpful, I know!)

In Portobello Market, and dang, have they got good stuff!

Bicester Village, a renowned shopping place for branded stuff sold at retail price, and where Sanyi and Pei enjoyed themselves very much. Should’ve taken a picture of the number of bags they were carrying after 3 hours. Plus, I got a Fred Perry winter coat! How much it costs – well, it makes me dizzy too.

Hyde Park …

Sanyi and Pei talking on the phone (and refusing to walk the rest of Hyde Park), haha.

And the final picture … Maybe the grass is greener, and the sky bluer, on the other side of the world.

So there you have it. I’ve been terrible at updating, but I have my reasons. I’ll post the link to the Bellerbys website when I get to post on it as a graduate student. 

Toodles, lovelies.


Happy 2009! =P

Well, I decided to blog about this whole experience in UK, so that:

a) I can share with all my friends about it, so please don’t feel left out! 

b) because blogging connects us all

I really hope that everyone won’t think it’s arrogant or proud-ish of me to blog about it, because I sincerely want to share the experience with you, and when you come down to it, there isn’t much difference where we go to, because more important how we end up.

LoL, I sound oh-so-philosophical.

After arriving at the airport, I had to pass the immigration counter (or as they call it, the UK Border) and since it was my first time, I had to go to the Health Control corner (it takes quite a short time, surprisingly, but maybe coz we were quite late and there were less people). Reclaimed our luggage (a combination of two of my bags weighed 51kg, gah) and took a bus all the way from Heathrow Airport to Brighton (about 2 hours to reach). 

Well, it’s pretty chilly here, but overall, Brighton isn’t as cold as in London, probably because it’s near the sea and you got the whole sea/land breeze science thing going for it. Heh. The houses here are narrower, and you don’t have the kind of land area available in Malaysia. The buses here are punctual, so I guess that’s one difference in transportation compared to M’sia =P. 

I’d love to post pictures, but then I’d have to get out my memory card reader and load it and resize it and password protect it … =S 

But no worries, I shall do it soon. 

Miss all you people loads! 

Saras, TJ – Thanks for your well wishes before. Was panicking while packing the other day and forgot to reply your messages, hehehe.

Kitt – I don’t think you still read this blog, but all the same… I’ll see you when I see you, haha.

Tabby – Thanks for calling. And yes, Rose is attending NS. I’m not kidding.

Happy New Year again! 

One more ‘thanks’ to Gitz, Sarah, Ranj and Erwin … Rock on, you people!

I do not want to give this post a title, because somehow, no matter how hard I try, no words fit right, and if I were to give just any title, it would undermine what I want to say.

You know when people tell you that in life, you’ve got 4 L’s to experience before you die, otherwise you’d be living a sorry life. Live, Laugh, Learn, Love. Yesterday could have been my last day on earth for all I care – I just experienced everything I need to. 

Gitz – Thank you for everything. I don’t know how to thank you enough, or how to tell you that you mean so much to me, or how to truly let you know how much you’ve touched my life – you’re just brilliant. =)

Steph – Ten years from now, I’d still remember the way you can make us laugh and make us cry and make us realize right from wrong and challenge us in our ideas for us to always improve ourselves. You’re a role model, Stephie, for everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For being my friend. For being absolutely mad. For being you.

Sarah – I don’t know how to say this without making it as though it’s just another recycled piece of ‘thank you’, but if I could, I’d want to hug you right now and tell you what a treasure you are. I’m sure we’ve had our disagreements a couple of times (someway, over the many years, haha) but if I have ever hurt you in any way, I’m sorry. I really, really am sorry. And I want you to know the great friend that you are. 

Kitt – I still can’t believe you baked! Though I suppose I should have been less surprised, considering that you do cook your own food =P. But I guess the cake yesterday was especially sweet, just because it’s from you. Thanks, Kitty! *PS: You’re free to call me Tubbs any day!

TJ – TJ, TJ, TJ. The cool dude. The talented guy. Of whom I have no idea how he is able to separate his time into writing, computer graphics, cards, gaming, chatting, drawing, creating cellphone themes and sleeping at 8pm. You’re a valuable friend, TJ, and I’ll be damned (pardon the word, Steph) if I ever lose touch with you.

Jian Soon – Thank you, for everything. Even though I doubt you’d read this, but in the event that you do, I’d like you to know that I’m glad things worked out okay. The gentleman that you are (oh, don’t blush) and the incredible nice character you possess – please don’t change even as you journey on in life.

Joselyne – Jojo! Thanks for, well, years of friendship. I don’t really know how we ended up such firm friends, but I’m sincerely happy about it. You’re sensible, you do things your own way, you’re practical, and best of all, you’re a really good friend.

Kylie – When we parted in primary, I didn’t think we’d ever become such friends. I laugh at your teasing any time, and somehow, you make the people around you feel jolly as well (maybe coz you’ve got a bubbly personality). You rock! And yes, we have to keep in touch. All the very best for SAM.

Erwin – If I write anything here, I’m afraid it’ll be too personal, so it’ll be a personal message. But the least I can do here is… thank you so much. I am so proud of you. 

I know there were some friends who couldn’t make it, but that’s okay, thanks for your well intentions. =)

Live, Laugh, Learn, Love. I think the ‘Love’ part includes loving your friends and family, and thanks to all these beautiful people, I don’t care if I died tomorrow, because I’ve had it all. 


When I was younger, I used to wonder why we moved to Penang. It puzzled me a great deal, I think, because why would you move away from the most happening metropolitan city in the country? Why wouldn’t you want to be part of the drama and the hype of the ibu kota?

This time going to KL, I think I’ve finally found my answer. KL is great, but the traffic jams would drive any sane man crazy within two days. Cars are parked anywhere, litter is everywhere, pedestrians cross the road without using the traffic lights for them. The activity of KL is  enough to drown you, and quite a couple of times, I wished I were back in Penang.

We went to Malacca too, and the area we stayed in (near our uncle’s) was a lovely place. It was quiet, yes, but it still upkept the cleanliness of roads and shopping malls. Malacca is to KL the way Botanical Gardens is to Penang Road. I mean it.

In the end, the best place to live in would be Penang. I don’t know if I’m saying that because I’m biased, or because I’ve lived here the longest, or because compared to other towns Penang is the perfect in-between. I just know this: Home has never felt so sweet.

I ran out of titles for my blog, and there are just sooo many things to talk about!

Saras – Aww, thanks yeah. I wana put up a chatbox, but I doubt that WordPress features it, sorry. I love your blog, btw! So cute!

Tabby – XD. And I think you’re really getting into the Australian mood – you’re saying mate. LoL.

TJ – Hmph. That is sooo not true. Gah.

There are just so many things to talk about! Hm, 3 topics actually.

First of all, today was our farewell! Everyone looked so pretty and different from school, and even though I am extremely tempted to insert pictures onto this blog, I shall refrain from doing so. Because, well, you know, we’re not supposed to put our pictures for the whole networking world to see, though I highly doubt that anyone bothers anymore.

Still. Just in case.

I’ll post them on friendster. One day. XD

All right, next topic: I have retired from Editorial Board. I’m still helping out, of course, because there’s still work to be done, and I should really help Carmen. I’m glad she’s my co-editor though – she’s pretty responsible.

3rd topic: My dad is great. I know it’s awfully strange for a teenager like yours truly to salute her dad and say, ‘Thank God I have you as my dad’ – but I’m gonna tell you straight-up that it ain’t no lie. Pardon me if I’m bragging, but bear with me: Dad is an amazing father, one who teaches me right from wrong, who shows me that there is more to life than black and white, who points to ER and tells me that it’s the most realistic medical TV drama ever produced. He wants us (my sis and I) to have the best, he gives us enough freedom to let our creativity take its own shape. He is down-to-earth but watches Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob Squarepants; he told me the physics behind why the wind blows your front door closed if you leave your opposite back door open; he works hard every day just to grant us a better life.

What more can I possibly want from my dad? He is AMAZING.

Final topic: SPOILERS ALERT! If you haven’t watched Batman, stop reading this now! Or if you want to protect your eyes from any discussion on the latest Batman installment, stop reading this now!

I mean it, NOW!

If you are reading this, then you must have either :

a) watched the Dark Knight, or

b) haven’t watched it and don’t bloody care anyway

Come to think of it, you’d BETTER bloody care. Because it’s such a good film! But as good as it is, as much as the special effects seem to lift your soul from your body – it is defeated in one area. Good always prevails – this is the moral of any superhero movie out there, the base line on which every plot is built. The problem with this film is, while the message broke through, the Joker is the character that so many people remember after they leave the cinema in a daze. This is wrong – because Batman should be your idol, and to somehow ‘respect’ the Joker for his cunningness, his defiant spirit, his intelligence, his utter lack of care for the rest of world is simply wrong. Forgive me, but I have principles that I hold true, and idolizing the villain has never been amongst them. And you know what?

I sure hope it isn’t amongst yours too.

Just the other day, Gitz, Rach and Steph gave me a belated birthday present! LoL. It was a real surprise, so here are different angles of the same present. Haha…

Very sweet of them. Love you guys!

I’ll probably post some pics of the present that Sarah, Roz, Elaine and Anna gave some time later. LoL. Gtg now. Have fun blogging, bloggers!

Just thought I’d update my blog with pictures! LoL. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.

Hm, now you come to think of it – it’s unfair. I mean, words have power too. XD

Rambutans that the neighbours gave. LoL. How sweet of them.

Pretty lights. =)

The dessert that Carol and I ordered at Ananda Bahwan. Service was really good, and this is a kind of gulab jamun plus ice-cream plus fruit salad.

This is … er… onion dosai, I think. LoL. It was good too.

Oooh! Yes, I ordered this one. Called Chicken Tikki, supposed to be boneless chicken and onions, though I felt that it tasted exactly like Tandoori. Still, you can’t deny good food.

Isn’t the couch cute? LoL. Mum and dad got it.

Banana leaf rice – Carol ordered this. Quite nice.

I was tempted to go to Deli France yesterday at Paradise, but since we didn’t exactly bring enough money, we decided to go Ananda Bahwan, and as great as the food is there, I do NOT want to go there again.

It’s time for new tastes.


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