I’ve been lacking updates, I know. But I’ll soon be writing as a Bellerbys graduate for the official Bellerbys college website (after graduation, of course, and when I’m in university), and I’ve decided to that that will be my blog after this one, unless I inform you otherwise. 

I’ll be updating on my trip to Prague and Budapest (I’m here now!) before leaving this blog for good. So if you’re reading this, hang in for just a couple more posts! 

That said, a big big THANK YOU to all you lovely people who’ve faithfully checked this inconsistent blog. Hopefully the next one will be more … active XD


Caffeine does things to you, I swear. Like keep you up all night in zombie-mode. Or, if you’re already nocturnal, it makes you acutely aware that you’re still awake in the morning. 


Sarah – Nice to know. And thanks, sweetie. =)

Allan Chalmers: ‘The grand essentials of happiness are – something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.’

Then I realized that the more screwed up you are, the more you think of some past tragedy as not that bad after all. 

Brilliant, isn’t it? You get this sudden insight of how much worse things can get and suddenly, whatever you’ve faced in the past seems like weeding in the garden when you’re wrestling a beast now. Your perspective tips over like a glass that is finally knocked over the edge because, oh-dear-I’m-fighting-with-my-life, and nothing else quite matters except this time zone through which you’re gritting your teeth and praying to God that this would be worth it. 

My point is, happiness is a perspective. You can be in a right shithole, but that doesn’t mean that all the other crap you’ve been through wasn’t just as bad. To a fifty-year-old Madonna, growing old isn’t something you just ‘get over with’ or to simply perm your hair and wear knitted overalls. 

We all think that the keys to happiness involve learning, reading, watching TV, paying your bills, exercising, watching your portions, calling up a friend, ranting in a journal, blah blah – but these are all things that our current society urges us to do. When our ancestors bound their feet and corseted their waists, warred for riches and served animals for worship, you can bet it wasn’t because they were in search for some epic sadness. 

Here’s some food for thought:

Dude #1: What if I don’t want to be happy? What if I want to be miserable?

Dude #2: Be miserable, if that makes you happy!

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It’s 3a.m. in the middle of the morning, I’m having my first day of the new term tomorrow, and I’m still awake!
I honestly can’t believe this… I’ve been able to act like a complete pig for the past couple of weeks and now, my piggishness has to stop right before my first day! I’m going to have eyebags tomorrow!

This is ridiculous! Go and sleep, you!

This post is specifically for Vivian and Shu Wern, the two little darlings, haha…

I’ve sent the password of the blog to your emails, so be sure to check them! 

PS: Hope school’s doing well for the both of you.

Vivian, I heard you went into accounting? And Shu Wern, I’m thinking science stream? LoL

We have a very reasonable relationship. It shows me what I usually see, I won’t shake it up and knock it against the floor – I’m happy, it’s happy. But an extra 3kg is not what I usually see. And it’s been said that in the UK, you tend to weigh lighter (something to do with gravitational force) and that does not bode well for what I’m prepared to weigh when I get back to Malaysia. 


Screw it. 

Anyway, I have to finish a Literature essay by today. And I wanted to join Spanish or French class, but they’re both booked. And I can’t join the Italian class because it clashes with another meeting on Monday. Yippee. 

PS: I’m volunteering at Oxfam Bookshop during the weekends! Haha. I emailed them, and now all I have to do is get there and get the application form and fill it in. Yay!

I’m feeling a little demented right now.

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